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Discover the People

Behind Our Success!

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Mr Leslie Foong


Called to the legal profession in 1992, Mr Leslie Foong’s over two decades of practice span from commercial, civil and criminal litigation to family law and real estate transactions.

Since 2000, Mr Foong’s main area of practice is in family law. His thoughtful approach supports individuals in their painful journey – whether through separation or divorce. In addition to his deep expertise as a family lawyer, Mr Foong adds the benefit of his personality and ability to calmly and patiently listen, and bring clients through the perplexing maze of legal intricacies. His professional counsel provides guidance and relief in dealing with the acrimonious nature of divorces.

With the client’s wellbeing in mind, Mr Foong adopts a holistic practice that addresses their financial, emotional and psychological needs. Apart from helping his clients in their legal processes, he often makes available to them his extensive resources for the healing and recovery of their personal lives or for equipping them to be better parents. Through his volunteer service, Mr Foong’s professional network extends to include social workers and counselors from Family Service Centres and Counselling Centres in various parts of Singapore.

Mr Foong has many years of experience in real estate transactions, helping his clients in their sale or purchase of residential, commercial or industrial properties, including their mortgage loans or, in the case of residential properties, their use of CPF savings.

In his practice, Mr Foong often advises and guides individuals and families in personal matters such as wills and settlements and grants of probate and letters of administration. Mr Foong has been serving the community by giving talks on legal matters and volunteering at legal clinics organized by grassroots organizations.

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